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Dustin Burleson, DDS, MBA

6 Reasons Online Advertising Might Not Be Generating the Results You Want

  • Low Open Rates for Your Emails: Digital communication and online advertising are becoming more and more competitive for the consumer's attention, driving down open and click-through rates. 
  • Relying Solely On Google: Only 25% of any given market is actively searching for dental or orthodontic services, but the lion's share of any potential market can be stimulated to request more information and explore their options when you reach them with direct mail. 
  • Paying for the Same Customer More Than Once: With online advertising, how do you know if they came from social media, SEO, display or search advertising versus GoogleAds or email marketing? With direct mail, it's crystal clear which patients claimed an offer or special opportunity to start treatment or schedule an appointment.
  • Sending the Wrong Message to the Wrong People: Online advertising is fraught with fake accounts and fraudulent clicks and impressions. Social media advertisers have credited my account for inaccurate metrics every single month for the last 10 years, but the USPS has never delivered a physical piece of direct mail to a "fake" mailbox.
  • Not Knowing Your Numbers: It's incredibly difficult to track ROI from online advertising efforts. What clicks turned into new patient phone calls and new patient exams? With direct mail offers, it's never been easier to cut through the clutter and drive predictable and sustainable ROI.
  • Too Much Competition: For the first time in history, online advertising has eclipsed direct mail in terms of overall advertising spend for local small businesses and service providers. This presents a tremendous opportunity for those businesses showing up in the mail with much less competition.

Why You Should Attend The Advanced Direct Mail Forum

  • New Audience Segmentation and List Select Technology: Today's direct mail technology and audience selection tools are so much more advanced than the last time I taught a direct mail course that it's almost an unfair advantage compared to those who are not using those tools and significantly more cost-effective and efficient than what we taught in the past. This advanced update is now critical for anyone who wishes to get great results in the mail and wants to bypass a lot of the competition advertising online only.
  • You'll Get Specific Help with Your Market Area: At Burleson Seminars, we're all about helping you with specific challenges and opportunities in your growth goals. Before the event, our list management partners will perform a market analysis and, if you want, start working with you to develop a lookalike audience, so that you know the exact direct mail opportunity in your area before investing a single cent in any new marketing or advertising. And, when you do finally take the next step, our vendors are guaranteed to be the top experts with lowest-available pricing for the very highest quality products so that your ROI soars.
  • This is As Easy As It Gets: You'll see and get the next 12-24 months of internal and external direct mail marketing campaigns from my own practices and see examples from inside and outside of our industry. We will help you with existing campaigns and if you just want to see what I'm doing in the mail, after mailing over 6.5 million pieces of direct mail for my own practices, you can put your own marketing plan on auto-pilot and ride along with campaigns that have been proven to produce positive ROI year after year (and see all the new direct mail tests I have planned for 2022-2023).
  • Walk Away with Actionable Work Done for You: You'll not only get to see all the direct mail pieces as mentioned but also walk away with a USB thumb drive including all the digital source files and any or all physical direct mail samples you want to keep for your files. We'll box them up and ship them home to you after your trip to The Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado.
  • My Personal Guarantee: There aren't a whole lot of live training events where you get to walk out of the room with a big marketing item checked off your list and done, but this is exactly the opportunity I'm making available for you. It's going to be a lot of fun and I promise, you'll get 10X the value out of this training or I'll refund your entire investment, no questions asked.

– Dustin S. Burleson, DDS, MBA

Now Available to Stream On-Demand.

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